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Originally written by Tero Kuusela & Stefan Brockmann, 2002
Other contributors: Rob Johnson, 2004

Tracksail is a small game where you guide a small boat through a track competing for the fastest time with other players. It's written in Java.


(by Tero)

It's finally here!

I actually had pretty much everything ready for a release in January, but could not find the time to do the actual release.

Tracksail 1.0 is now available for download. The only changes from rc2 are the version number change, fix for the permission problem with the scripts and update of the readme files. I also put up some more content on this page, although I'd certainly prefer some CMS solution for the site. Unfortunately, my time is too limited to set one up. Any webmaster volunteers, please contact me :)

Now that 1.0 is out, the 1.1.x development series will begin. It will eventually end up being 1.2 or 2.0, depending on the nature of changes before the next release. I'm not going to have any more time for Tracksail as I've had thus far, though, so I'd appreciate patches. Also, bug reports and feature requests would be very welcome, since I can't improve the game if I don't know what you want :)

(by Tero)

Due to the recent events in Asia, I don't feel like wishing a happy new year, since I know that for millions it probably isn't. I know quite a few people from Thailand myself and some in Malaysia and Indonesia of whom I haven't heard in months.

Nevertheless, life of those still living must go on. I have already commited to CVS a new build.xml that fixes the permission problem in rc2. I also tried Tracksail with kaffe, a Free JVM, and found out that the server seems to run fine with it! Unfortunately, the client doesn't. That was to be expected, though, since the client uses Swing.

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You can fetch the latest stable release (1.0) from our downloads section.
Both source and binary release packages are available.

The development releases, which have more features but also a possibility of containing nasty bugs, can be downloaded from the same place.

If you wish to use the bleeding edge version, you can get the source code from the CVS.

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At this moment, the main source of documentation is the readme file.

Translations of the readme:

You can also subscribe to the tracksail-users mailing list. New versions are announced there and you can reach the developers and other users of Tracksail via this list. If you have any problems, this list is the recommended way of directing your questions to the developers.

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The readme contains screenshots of every important screen in the game.

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For developers

If you wish to contribute something to tracksail, we suggest that you join the tracksail-users mailing list. There's no separate developer list as of yet since the amount of contributors has been very small. To make it easier to get familiar with the code, the Javadoc documentation of Tracksail 1.0 is available online.

It should go without saying that the developers should use the latest CVS code.

There's more information for developers on our project page.

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